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Three finals down. One to go. Still sick, except now that I've lost my voice, people actually notice. Still also addicted to Zelda. Mostly done with my yuletide story, which is good. I'll probably give it one more once over before I upload it.

Okay, I have thoughts about the Tritter arc, even though I haven't actually seen "Merry Little Christmas" yet.

- So, I think fandom went in with high hopes, but I wasn't really there with them. Like, I wasn't really excited about it, and nothing that has happened since has really changed that. Quite frankly, it sucks. And it's presence, I think, has kind of fucked up some of the characters.

- Cuddy, I think, has it the worst, because she totally should have pwned Tritter like five episodes ago with her legal team, but because doing that would mean that there wouldn't be any story arc, she's being wishy-washy for no apparent reason. Like, she's still awesome and Cuddy most of the time, but for some reason she just kind of lets Tritter get away with crap for no real explanation.

- I've been with the Wilson characterization up until this point, but right now, I'm really just going, "wtf, mate?" Like, I can believe that he's passive-aggressive, unhealthily co-dependent on House. I can believe that he can be selfish and pissy and mean, but I also believe that he takes being a doctor seriously, even when he's doing ethically shaky things. Arguably, maybe I'll understand (though probably not forgive) that Wilson leaving an OD'd House alone in a pool of his own vomit thing at the end of "Merry Little Christmas" once I see it, but I doubt it, and that makes me sad.

- House is being pretty House through all of this, and I guess I can applaud the writers for at least managing to keep him in character. Unfortunately, this arc isn't really bringing out anything interesting about him. It's not like we didn't already go through the whole House detoxing thing, the whole House dealing with powerful people who are irrationally invested in bringing House down thing, the whole House is an emotionally distant jackass thing, before.

It's all very disappointing, because there's a lot about House that we can still explore. His childhood, for instance. The writers seem to be forgetting that there's more to House than just the snark and the leg and the drugs, which should probably be giant flashing warning signs that we should get out as soon as possible, but I guess I'm going to be going down with this ship.

- A lot of the problems with this whole arc is that they've got this idea (omg House meets his match in the jackass department!) and they totally didn't manage to pull that off. I think this totally fails because Tritter isn't exactly all that much like House, and the ways in which they're trying to let us know that he's like House are so shallow and, well, stupid, that it's hard to actually get the point of Tritter. He's not a well fleshed out character, and that removes a lot of the ambiguity and subtlety of the situation they're trying to create, I think. If they want us to feel like Tritter is what House could be, what House could potentially turn into, they're doing a shitty job. A really shitty job.

- It also totally needs more Tom Zarek. Seriously.

On a somewhat different note, if you saw a fic with the summary "Character X gets into an argument with an evil lizard god" (where Character X is in a fandom not really know for it's supernatural elements), wouldn't you read it? Wouldn't you expect that since the writer is on enough crack to come up with that situation in the first place, they could totally write an awesomely Pythonesque argument between with all sort of side tracked discussions about irrelevant topics and plays on the absurdity of the situation? Wouldn't you look at it and feel hope?

Okay, I admit that was a little naive of me. I shall now go hang my head in shame.
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