thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

BSG 3x11: Eye of Jupiter

I realized that I didn't have a Zarek icon, which made me sad, but now I have one, and I'm happy. Speaking of Zarek, it made me sad that he didn't show up in this episode, or even just recently. What do they have him doing? Sitting on his ass and watching stars go by? The boring, mundane stuff of running a Fleet?

Anyway, some brief thoughts about the episode.

- Well, I think that I'll need to see the second half to get a good feel about how I felt about the episode, but overall, I liked it. Some of the plot stuff (Eye of Jupiter, what?) seemed a little too much like past stuff, but since they're using them in different ways from normal, I'm willing to let it slide.

- Also, it's kind of pissing me off that they're getting their Roman and Greek gods confused. Just pick one and stick to it, dammit.

- I was totally giggling during the whole Threesome of Awkwardness scene. Not because it was bad or anything, but because of the sheer awkwardness of the whole thing.

- Yay Anders! I'm glad to see that he's still around. Not as happy about the omgdrama that they have him stuck in, but I'll deal.

- I don't mind Lee/Kara, but the way they've set it up has really frustrated me, mostly because it's so melodramatic in all the bad ways, and I don't really care enough to wade through the crap they keep throwing at us.

- I'm glad to see Boomer again. Not because I particularly like her or anything, just because it's nice to see that she hasn't completely disappeared of the face of the galaxy.

- I'm not sure where it's going, but I really liked the Chief in the Temple. There will probably be more about that later on, but I'm even digging what we have right now.

- I also liked the way the storylines balanced out. BSG generally excels in the "big" episodes like this and stumbles in the smaller, more contained episodes, and this was definitely one of the bigger episodes.

- I also approve of the cliffhanger. I'm not sure why I feel like it's an above average cliffhanger, because cliffhangers are a somewhat cheap ploy to get the audience to come back, but I liked this particular one, especially. I think it was set up better than most.

Anyway, while I'm looking forward to January (and new episodes), I'm not that anxious about it. Huh. I thought I would be.
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