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Yeah, so yuletide authors are up, and I can now say that I wrote The Beginnings of All Things Are Small, a Batman Begins story that introduces Dick Grayson into this particular Batverse.

I'd really like to thank ignited for the beta job, even though she was busy, and all the RL friends who listened to me whine about how much this was stressing me out, even if they never end up reading this. Apologies to Cicero for stealing one of his quotes for the title.

So, the year in fic meme, (now with self-indulgent author's notes!):

How To Disappear Completely (Angel) - I just really, really wanted to write Angel fic, and this suffers from having nothing really interesting to say about him. I'm still quite fond of the first and the last lines, though.

Batman Begins
The Beginnings of All Things Are Small (Bruce, Dick, Alfred) - The yuletide fic! I'm quite proud of this for being a fic that I wrote even though the idea kind of threw me for a loop, and in the end, I even managed to convince myself of it.

Battlestar Galactica
(with Blade Runner)
Dreams of Electric Sheep (Sharon, Lee, Laura) - I rather like this one, though I don't really know how many people felt the same way. The atmosphere came out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Fullmetal Alchemist
lost in sand and dust (Roy, Hughes) - inspired greatly by the Roy and Hughes in Book in Figure Blue, who were not quite the Roy and Hughes I imagined they'd be. I wanted to get to know those two.

theory and practice (The New Slang Remix) (Hawkeye, Roy) - A remix of zauberer_sirin's theory and practice. A lot of fun to write, and a great chance to write more Hawkeye, who I seriously don't give enough love to.

Asleep In the Back (Roy) - So I saw Conquerer of Shambala, and kinda liked it, kinda didn't. One thing that really bothered me was that I didn't understand Roy's decision to go North, like at all, so this was me trying to get into movie!Roy's headspace and see why he was there.

Persistent Memories (Doesn't Mean It's There Acoustic) (Roy/Hughes) - The other remix. The original one was mostly just porn, which isn't a bad thing or anything, but I think the idea the author came up with had some interesting jagged edges that I wanted to explore. For some reason, I'm not quite satisfied with it, though. I feel like I should have been able to do better with the idea than I did.

Drowning (Roy/Hughes, Hughes/Gracia, Roy/Hawkeye) - For the fma_ot4 fic challenge. This was really hard to write, mostly due to bad writer's block, and because I wasn't quite sure what to do with the lyrics I was given. But I decided to write war!fic and everything fell into place. I regret not being able to get Roy/Gracia, Hawkeye/Gracia, or Hughes/Hawkeye in there, but I'm glad I managed to get as much as I did.

(with The Sandman)
Natural Blues (Roy/Hughes) - I love Sandman crossovers. A lot. This was inspired by Exiles, the first Sandman story after The Wake, though I don't think this does that one justice. It still feels incomplete to me in some weird, undefinable way.

Begins With A Single Step (Hughes) - Death is the coolest character ever. That being said, I don't think I did very well with this one, mostly because I think I've written better dead!Hughes than this.

Silent Sigh (House/Wilson) - I love the seasons. And I was still feeling my way through House and Wilson and their interactions at this point. I liked the mood of it, because it feels very autumn to me, but I think I may have misstepped a bit with the Wilson characterization. Also, the original ending was less happy. A lot less happy.

Dr. House and the Not Bad, Pretty Good Day (everyone) - This started out as a bunch of not really connected bits and pieces of me experimenting with House's voice. I was tempted to just post them separately, but then I decided to write all the connecting bits and turn it into something resembling a story.

The Eraser (House, Wilson) - I saw a lot of "omg Wilson gets sick/severely injured and House feels really, really bad now" fic post Whac-A-Mole, and I felt that it was unnecessary to physically harm Wilson to make House feel bad. This was my way of proving that to myself.

(with The Sandman)
All Your Insides Fall To Pieces (Despair, Cuddy, Wilson, House) - I wanted to write one of the less seen Endless, and that last little montage in Fool for Love really hurt, so of course Despair was right there at that point.

(with Battlestar Galactica)
Breathe, Keep Breathing
A Song To Keep Us Warm
The Drying Of Your Tears
(House/Wilson) - I was inspired to write this when I saw Exodus Part II. I have no idea why the idea of "huh, what if House and Wilson were there?" popped into my head, but it did, and this seriously took on a life of its own. Part of me still wants to kill this series before it tries to take over my life, because I can tell it wants to.

In Reverse (Clark/Lois) - Lois is awesome. And I wrote this because I love the Smallville incarnation. She kicks oh so much ass.

Superman Returns
Love Will Come Through (Clark/Lois, Lois/Richard) - Someone mentioned that they wanted to see Lois falling in love with Clark and not Superman, and I agreed. So I wrote it as best I could without screwing over Richard, because Richard is cool and awesome. I like to think I succeeded.

You Gotta Go There To Come Back (Superman) - This was also an attempt to work out some issues with the movie. I wasn't sure why Superman left, exactly, so I wrote this in order to figure it out. I rather like it a lot.

Best story: I don't know. I can tell you which one's I liked the best, but that brings us to

Favorite story: I'm irrationally fond of A Song To Keep Us Warm, but that's because New Caprica is awesome and interesting and lots of fun to play with. Dreams of Electric Sheep was also one of the ones that I totally loved like crazy.

Story Most Underappreciated by the Universe in My Opinion: All Your Insides Fall To Pieces was an actually pretty good Sandman crossover, and it made me sad that very few other people seemed to like it as well.
You Gotta Go There To Come Back was also something I was especially proud of that not many others seemed to respond to.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? House. I watched it a few times and didn't feel all that hooked so I stopped watching. Then I started from the beginning of season 1 and fell in love with the characters over time.

Most Fun Story: Dr. House and the Not Bad, Pretty Good Day definitely. House's gleeful assholishness is a lot of fun to write.

Sexiest Story: Uh, what?

Biggest Disappointment: Begins With A Single Step, I think, takes the cake, though How To Disappear Completely and Persistent Memories (Doesn't Mean It's There Acoustic) are also definitely vying for the position.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them? Hmm, I first started writing crossovers this year, and I guess that counts as a risk. Maybe? I also tried to pull off a sort of joint POV in Breathe, Keep Breathing, and while I think it may have worked, I have no desire to do it again, because it was frustratingly hard.

Biggest Surprise(s): The Beginnings of All Things Are Small, because I thought I was going to screw this up so badly like you wouldn't believe, but I somehow managed not to. Also, Breathe, Keep Breathing, because I didn't know if I could pull off this crossover at all.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Silent Sigh, probably. It's full of me attempting to write something poetic and kind of flowerly and utterly failing. Also, it shows how utterly fascinated with seasons and religious ritual I am. Also, there's the kind of odd use of second person pov.

So fannish resolutions for next year! Write more, interact more, feedback more. I really have to shake off my bad lurker habits.
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