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I have developed a taste for Bollywood. There's just something wonderfully honest about it's desire to entertain. It's action! It's angst! It's romantic comedy! It's a musical! And even when it's being absurdly cheesy, it's just so unselfconscious and kind of earnest about itself that you kind of have to love it. I've also kind of developed a crush on Shahrukh Kahn, even though he's not hot, like at all.

As of right now, I've only seen Main Hoo Na, and about half of Devdas, but never fear flist! I shall see more.


Anyway, yeah. I've been thinking a lot about female characters in pop culture and the lots and lots of issues surrounding them. Mostly inspired by this post and some of the comments.

I think one of the problems with ass-kicking female characters is that some people feel like making a female character ass-kicking is sufficient character development for a "strong female", and then just sort of let that be her only character trait. Oh, and maybe also falling for the hero.

Another major problem is that there just aren't enough female characters in general, so that the small number of female characters are charged with the burden of being almost representatives for all women everywhere, which they just can't live up to. In order to get a real representation for what women are like, you need a lot of female characters, to show the whole gamut, the whole range of possibilities. It's the same thing with a lot of other minority characters, too.

BSG is quite amazing in the sense that it has a lot of different female characters, and not only that, they bothered to give their female characters actual personalities. This is not the case on a lot of other shows. Which makes me sad.


Less depressing things! I've spent most of today messing around with Nightvision. The most obvious change is the new recs page, which is pulled from my bookmarks. These won't be updated all that often, as I generally only save the ones that I have a hard time finding again, and the only real point of doing this was so that I could mess around with Wordpress plugins for fun and be really, really nerdy.

I'm also kind of in love with Smart Link, because it's cool, and it makes my life so much easier.
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