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Male geeks should not be allowed to make generalizations about women, ever. Arguably, no one should make generalizations about women, but male geeks are far more obnoxious about it than most.

It amuses me greatly that he claims that women like seeing each other face to face too much to communicate in primarily text-based medium. Which is why they don't like sci-fi, apparently. And why online fandom doesn't really exist. Especially because there are no girls on the internet. Just guys pretending to be girls.

Writing feels kind of painful lately. I'm not blocked, per se. I'm not searching for ideas. I have a few that I like. It's just that getting them down feels weird and awkward, like I'm relearning how to write. Maybe I should try something short before I jump into something longer.

(And yeah, mjules, I'm totally working on it, the only problem is that I can only seem to write one paragraph of it at a time before I start twitching.)

Classes are starting up tomorrow. The way my schedule is stacking up, I might not have any Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes, which would be kind of nice, though also really annoying. Because Tuesday/Thurday classes are the worst. They're long and kind of painful, and I really don't want to have to deal with four of them in one day. I need to do some shopping for an Econ class though, and one of the ones I'm really considering is M/W/F. So maybe that might turn out okay.
Tags: adventures in higher learning, feminism, writing
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