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A ToDo List:

1. Write up lame discussion questions for Utopia. Resist the urge to make every question "Isn't Thomas More kind of stupid?" or "Why is Book 1 so painful?"
2. Curse for saying they've sent my books, even though it's quite clear that they haven't. At all.
3. Find ways to never be the sole class TA ever again and/or kill all other TAs out of sheer bitterness. (Most likely through evisceration.)
4. Type up class notes. Tell the professor that I have done so.
5. Alert students that yes, they do in fact need to sign up for lab times and go to lab this week and do this week's homework, and that no, it is not my fault that some of them left before I made the announcement.
6. E-mail concentration advisor about declaring my concentration.
7. Think of all the bullshit paperwork I have to do for said declaration.
8. Cry.
9. Try to do bullshit paperwork.
10. Cry some more.
11. Write some really melodramatic crap.
12. Make someone else go to class and take notes on Tuesday so that I can shop a class at that time.
13. Figure out textbooks.
14. Order textbooks.
15. Look at price tags.
16. Yet more crying.
Tags: adventures in higher learning, i make lists, omg woes
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