thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House 3xwhatever: One Day, One Room


- The game between House and Cuddy was so spot on, though I think it's a little contrived, since Cuddy has never really expressed that much of a desire for House to be in the clinic before.

- That is totally the fakest North-Eastern winter ever. It's kind of hilarious.

- I liked her. She was struggling, and I could feel it.

- WILSON! You give good advice.

- CHASE! You give better advice.

- House is so totally a failure at social interactions. But it's so awesome to watch him try. Especially because he has to turn things into arguments, because then he can win them.

- I actually like Cameron's storyline a lot. It feels real to me, The guy is crazy and stuff, but I think the actor sells his desire for human interaction very well, and it does tie into the main storyline in interesting ways.

- Fuck no. NO ON SO MANY LEVELS. They had me up until that moment. Up until that moment, House's relationship with his father was far more interesting than that, because it can't be written off as just being abuse. And his father can't be as interesting or complex as a character as he could be because he has "child abuser" written on his forehead the moment he shows up anywhere. I like to think of characters as fundamentally good, but in a lot of ways, they're flawed so they fall short. I think that makes them more real to me. And I don't think that this allows me to see John House that way.

- But yes, I loved everything up to and after that part. I loved that it was about the people and not the disease, and that House does have a vaguely soft and squishy side, though I don't want him to ever become that. And that it was about exploring House's character and not about making House miserable for no reason.
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