thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Rambling CS stuff

Dear C++,

Your arrays suck. A lot.

No love,

Dear threads,

I hate you so much, I can barely express my hate.

Even less love,

Also, have finally watched BSG up until last night's episode. So I'm kind of caught up.

- I like Anders' hair a lot now, where it's all sort of long-ish and stuff. Not fond of facial hair, though.

- Lee's daddyissues!emo is kind of amusing. It's definitely better than the Lee/Kara plotline.

- The whole behind the scenes fact about the model boat at the end of Malestorm? Will never stop being funny.

- Chief! How are you so awesome? Seriously, dude. AWESOME. How much do I love the union episode? It's Galactica doing what it does best, reflecting current day issues (in this case, class conflict/regionalism) while still completely grounding it in its own world. It's a delicate balance that isn't always done as well as it should be (see the Doc Robert episode), but when it's good, it's really, really good.

- Why does fandom lack paint!sex? Seriously. Like, people making out while they're painting and covering each other with colors and it's all sticky and dirty hot and stuff.

- Not fond of the whole Jesus!Baltar thing he has going on.

- Six doesn't get enough time, alas.

- I miss Zarek a lot.
Tags: bsg, my nerdiness pwns you
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