thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Spam Poetry will rock your world.

A selection of spam poetry. It's totally deep and metaphorical and stuff.

(should be accompanied with bongos or a pickle tub, but, alas, I have none.)

Once really
by TOP

Do ask kutcher any! His search young cancer fighters breakfast pluto goes.
Britney spears princess of pop tiara.
Crashers similar questions inperson phone please do ask. Player cristiano ronaldo he, steps avg rating?
Legend night guy about dog chernobyls league, gentlemen, corr.
League gentlemen, corr, what, bump.
Have said ok prediction going old.
Metal killed blood smooth, starts.
Brookkelly kreuklacey lohanlucy, mooremaria foxmena cruzpetra. Promote real crashers similar questions inperson. Madonna wanna, rent celebrity lot. Blog archive brittany murphy, picture moment. Political drama, lindsay lohan? Cameo making flick money took pay cut emilio. Bobby costar melanie griffith. Whiley, radio dj hopefuls lab model, behaviour, irvs.
Love krupajodie marshjoss stonekate hudsonkate mosskatie, brookkelly kreuklacey lohanlucy. Been visited times created using, webpage creation facilities.
Players forum been visited. Brookkelly kreuklacey lohanlucy mooremaria foxmena cruzpetra dawsonrose monkstacy reidtyra.
Rumors quite time now adding fuel fire publicist.
Political drama lindsay lohan, event chanel. Te olvido tu amor donde ira febrero gitano corazon!
Another caught eye it keep.
Pinter treat denise jays.
Hundreds watching other hot. Snaps icelandic, babes invade factor makes pit stop. Fighters breakfast pluto, goes awol, tv show. Tiara so, when we got that, she was planning. Dublins quickly polished up, our camera. Both surprise working weve teased, each.
Legend night guy about dog chernobyls league gentlemen.
Raquo blog archive brittany murphy, picture. Dina barel clips include becky carlson oscars coverage academy. Story forums headlines girls dominate!
People jungle jan dismantle city much votes popstar! Holidays bdo gold jun jul result, results mens.
Hottest, carpet full, screen actors, guild.
Find flies, rocks, whiley radio. Lenses but excitement rapidly turned to despair. Hampm bra size top acts, snoop rolls rosanna. Wwelcome eire kay, steals joels. Staff seemed reluctant snapped were assured, problem paparazzi. View pregnant, could there bun! Th cocooned celeb couples hit potter.
Mean cant happiness everyone?

Seriously, I know it's like random cutting and pasting and random word generators, but it's still hilariously similar to actual poetry.

Other stuff! I still need to see the last couple of episodes of BSG, which I hear are hard core and stuff. I've been avoiding spoilers, even though I almost never avoid spoilers. What the hell?

Almost done with remixredux fic. Just need to hammer out the details and mull a bit, I'm a little worried that it's too obviously me, but whatever. I like it too much as it is.

I still need to like start work on my CS36 project. *shakes fist at Minesweeper* At the very least put together the design.

ETA: Giant pillow fight. Is that not awesome?
Tags: my nerdiness pwns you, randomness
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