thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House 3xwhatever: the one with that guy who played Riley on Buffy

New House!

- Lots of Wilson, yay! Lots of random House/Wilson jokes! Also yay!

- I have no idea why this show keeps trying to sell us on supernatural stuff. It's really lame because it's obviously got a non-supernatural explanation behind it.

- Chase/Cameron having lots and lots of sex amused me. A lot.

- House's glasses! I am such a sucker for those glasses.

- Needed more Foreman.

- I have nothing else interesting to say.

I am also not working on really awkward genderfuck!Foreman/Chase. Not at all. And Foreman's not really being kind of a dick about being a girl, because holy fuck, he's only been a girl for a day, and he still isn't used to walking around with breasts. And if they totally don't want to have the theoretical sex, I'm not going to be sad about that at all.
Tags: house
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