thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Casino Royale - Deep Thoughts (okay, not really)

Finally got around to seeing Casino Royale like, what? four months after I said I should. I feel like I should have this sort of turnaround on everything I do.

- Daniel Craig was good. Really good. He's got an awesome icy stare, and he's good at projecting stuff going on under the surface of that stare. And he managed to pull off fairly subtle characterization, too. Huh, how about that?

- Vesper was awesome until she went evil and got herself killed. It's kind of annoying to have the dead girlfriend syndrome here, even though I knew it was coming as soon as Bond started resigning. I mean, she was awesome in the train scene, and in the scene where she has her breakdown, and I would have loved it if it had remained UST. A lot more than I did them actually getting together.

- Yay, Tobias Menzies (aka Brutus from Rome)! He only has a bit part as Villiers, M's assistant, but I totally have an actor crush on him, and may have made up/written lots of Villiers backstory just because. Maybe in future films, they should make him really bitchy and snarky. That would be awesome.

- The chase scene on foot? Hot ass. Apparently it's also like a sport, with all that jumping over buildings and such. It's really beautiful.

- The airport scene was tense, but other than that, didn't really do it for me.

- I loved the poker scenes, and that the main tension in the film was a bunch of people sitting around playing cards. How awesome is that?

- I kind of wish Le Chiffre was built up as a more complex villain. I liked that they did give him some depth, but I feel like it wasn't enough. I guess he's not out to destroy the world in a very complicated manner, so there's that.

- Needed more Zarek Jeffery Wright. I mean, seriously. Way to underuse an awesome actor.

- Judi Dench will always kick ass. A lot.
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