thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House 3xwhatever: Fetal position

Eh, it was an episode.

- I liked the Cuddy/Emma parallels, mostly. They were getting a little close to the the anvilly, but it worked, I think. Cuddy's issues with losing her own baby meshed nicely with this episode.

- I loved that Cuddy was right and House was wrong. House needs to be wrong more often.

- Not enough Zarek cowbell Wilson.

- I don't understand how this episode was anti-choice. I mean, what? The mother chose to keep the baby. I kind of thought that was the point.

- Cameron/Chase/(House) angst is getting really lame.

- The House travel storyline was left field and also lame. I'm guessing it's what counts for set up next week.

- I really like the idea LIFE-THREATENING VIRUSES ON A PLANE. It's probably going to suck, though.

Also? People should be writing me Passover fic. With like House eating lots of leavened bread in front of Wilson, making fun of the fact that Wilson doesn't observe kosher, and making lots of offensive, anti-Semitic comments. So maybe I really like Jew!Wilson, okay? Even though he's, like not.
Tags: house
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