thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

More random stuff!

I am quite zen now, even though I have shit-tons of grading to do, and concentration paperwork! Which is important and stuff.

I really want remix_redux to open up, like, yesterday, because I really want to see what's been written for me and stuff. I'm all ready to be asquee and everything. And I really want to see if my recipient likes her story, too.

So Larry Wall came to speak to us about Perl 6 (which I'm guessing is a bit like HURD in that it will never be released) and it was interesting, and yeah, I kind of want to dig into Perl's guts a bit and look around a bit more. I think it's my favorite scripting language as of yet, mostly because it fits my "I'm incredibly lazy and fond of writing hackish code" thing.

I want to make a fanmix, but I have no topic that inspires me as of yet.
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