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Poll #963110 A question about penguins

If I were to write some sort of story about House and penguins, it should be:

an AU about House, the bitter resentful penguin, and Wilson, the best friend penguin, and the fact that they are very, very gay. And penguin-y. While on ice.
a story where House and Wilson get turned into penguins. And the shenanigans that ensue around the hospital because of said transformation. (They are still gay and penguin-y, though not on ice. Except occasionally.)

And if you're asking, why penguins? It's because penguins are fucking awesome.

In other news, this week is going to suck if I don't get my act together and at least get sockets started. Clearly my brain wants me to flunk out of school. Or just CS036.

Still need to get concentration paperwork done. And talk to my adviser so that I can get my concentration paperwork done.

I have a summer job, though. So that's awesome.

So, I'm kind of torn about Across the Universe. It could be really shitty and make me want to cry, or it could be really awesome and make me want to cry. It could go either way. I mean, it's the Beatles, and yeah, it's The Beatles, and its hard to imagine it being cohesive instead of just crap, so I'm nervous. But if it is cohesive and not crap, then it could be glorious. Like I said, torn.
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