thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House 3xwhatever: Infectious Diseases On A Plane

So! I was entertained. Which is all I really ask for.

- Fake!ducklings were cute. In a completely stupid way. But cute! (With the exception of fake!Foreman. Wasn't funny enough.) And like, House being a jerk, which is always fun when done right.

- I was amused by the 58 year old woman buying a hooker. And doing coke off a guy's stomach. Go her, though. I liked that.

- YAY LOTS OF WILSON. With awkward!Wilson at the end, half asking out the hooker. They're totally bonding over past shared experiences, omg. I have no idea why Wilson is doing House's job instead of, you know, his own. But House != real life, and I get that.

- I was disappointed that it wasn't really Infectious Diseases On A Plane. Whatever.

- Man, Cameron was being harsh at the end. The Chase/Cameron storyline has been kind of okay mostly. I don't know how I feel about it.

- They were coming back from a medical conference in Singapore, right? I wasn't just hallucinating that, I think.

- I am sad about the lack of Foreman. I think there may be more next week, though.

Tags: house
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