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Meme, House 3xwhatever: ONLY THE BEST EPISODE EVER

Gacked from zulu: Comment and I'll give you three of your icons and three of your interests to explain.

Silent Sigh

This is just a screencap from Badly Drawn Boy's "Silent Sigh" video, and the lyric is from that song, too. It's definitely one of my favorite songs ever, warm and kind of sad.

Madam President

Laura Roslin will fuck your shit up. I think she kicks lots of ass, when I felt like I needed an icon. The text, I think, is self-explanatory.

Death and Dream

I have such an insane love of Sandman and of Death and Dream themselves. And their wonderfully affectionate sibling relationship. They're just so cute! Dream is kind of emo and an asshole. Death likes to smack him into shape. This is one of their really affectionate moments, and it's impossibly cute.

walking barefoot - I have always liked walking around barefoot. The thing I like best about the summer is getting a chance to wear sandals everywhere and also take off the sandals everywhere.

free as in beer - This is actually a reference to the explanation of why free software is called what it is. It's "free as is speech, not free as in beer". I like things are are "free as in beer", so yeah.

seriously wrong pairings - Um, I love really bizarre pairings. They're fun! I loved ithurtsmybrain when it was still around.

On a completely different note, I am totally in love with this night's House.

- BACKSTORY. I am such a sucker for backstory. And we had Foreman and Wilson backstory. That is totally a happy place for me.
- Wilson/Cuddy in the gallery. Hee! They're cute! Wilson so doesn't even understand what he's doing!
- I really liked Wilson's ex-wife. She's totally a real person and totally not anything like what fanon may have imagined. I loved her huge eyes and her kind of spacy way of talking.
- I love Foreman's parents. His mom was so warm and awesome and heartbreaking. Epps was totally acting his ass off in this episode.
- There was also a lot of implied gay with House being all crazy jealous of both of Wilson and Cuddy. It made me happy.
- The POTW didn't bore me to death! Go her! She also felt real, though it was kind of obvious that she was there to mirror Foreman and hit home the whole "decisions" theme, but yeah.
- I loved the ending montage with House totally focused on figuring out what happened. It's so... House.
- I really liked Chase's bit at the end, telling Foreman to go get drunk. It felt familiar and affectionate in an understanding sort of way.

Now I'm off to write some Foreman backstory for foreman_fest
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