thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House crackfic fest!

The Crack!fest is now open! So everyone who said "yes" here should probably go sign up.

Ever sat back and wondered... "Where are all the tentacle fic?" Or daydreamed about the awesome sight of Cuddy's breasts shooting lasers? Maybe you thought up that crazy-awesome House/Fruit Baskets crossover, but never dared write it... Not anymore.


is now open. It's a crack-crossover-AU-bad!fic-LOLz fest. Here we embrace the bad!fic & crack!fic by taking horrible ideas and writing them well. That's when the bad becomes the awesomely bad (ergo, becoming brilliant).

You people should also go forth and pimp it as well.
Tags: big pimpin', omg squee
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