thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

McHouse: the only way to go

House/McKay is OTP, bitches.

Okay, I don't think they'd like each other at first. In fact, they'd kind of hate each other. House is a medical doctor. Rodney is an incredibly annoying physicist. Together, they fight crime! There is no way their first meeting could go well. Especially when they start trying to one up each other on how smart they are, and Rodney starts insulting medicine by calling it a soft science and House starts insulting Rodney's mother because Rodney's third shoelace is loose or something.

But I think once they got over that point (though, knowing them, it would be a while), House would find Rodney's complete and utter lack of tact charming, and Rodney would admire House's ability to destroy the egos of the idiotic. Plus, Rodney would make House a really badass cane and House could translate some of Zelenka's more colorful phrases for Rodney to understand. The world would tremble in fear.

Of course, Wilson and John would be off to the side, sulking about how they're prettier. And quite possibly making out because it would be hot.

Also, I'm kind of in love with all of the people in betteronvicodin who are way awesome. I am totally psyched about this fest.
Tags: house, stargate atlantis will not steal my soul, the real otp
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