thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

House 3xwhatever: the one with the dog

So, I kind of enjoyed it. It was mostly amusing because one of my premed friends was sitting next to me yelling at the screen.

- So, my friend was mostly flipping out over the plan to consciously infect Nick with the disease, which was pretty intense.
- I liked the parents a lot.
- Lots of Wilson, yay! Lots of Foreman, also yay!
- The bone marrow extraction was really hard to watch. Really, really hard to watch.
- The cane subplot was completely pointless, but we got a slo-mo hallway walk, so I don't even care! Hee, House and Wilson in that store.
- Hector was absurdly cute. He's a doggie! The limp! The chewing through things! The way House kind of hated him!
- What happened when Foreman was 8?
- I am hungry right now, and I wish I had something intelligent to say.

So, how about them cookies? I think they're delicious delicacies.
Tags: house
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