thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

writing stuff

Due to a shocking lack of people to whine to online about such things, I am here to whine about my writing once again.

foreman_fest stories are plodding. That's pretty much the only way to describe them. I'm maybe averaging about 10-100 words a day, if even that. It's not even that I'm not happy with them, I'm just not that motivated. ARGH. NINJAS IN SPACE SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD.

There's a WIP that I vow to finish this summer. savemoony and zulu know which one I'm talking about. I can probably pull this off if I put the time and effort into planning it out before I write more, so that I don't get sort of lost in the middle, confused about what's going to happen next.

I have an SGA/Sandman crossover bunny that needs to GO AWAY so I can write Foreman. kthnx.

I have not even started thinking about betteronvicodin fic yet, either.
Tags: writing
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