thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I have nothing interesting to say, so here's some Foreman as a intergalactic space ninja

On the first day of training, they give Foreman a sword. It's smooth, polished wood, with a dull edge, not sharp enough to cut. Foreman tries very hard not to take that as an insult.

His lao-shi is the one who places the weapon in his hands during the initiation ritual, her eyes dark as she studies him for the first time. "You are to take this journey, xue-seng, but you will not walk it alone. I offer you this gift, to aid you in your quest. Do you accept it?" Her voice is calm and measured, and he remembers that he is not the first she has taught, not the only one she will teach.

Foreman bows in the formal manner before kneeling. "I do," he says, holding his arms out in the traditional stance. The ground is hard beneath his knees, ancient stone that has preserved their order for centuries. The temple sits in the middle of a rain forest planet, isolated from civilization, from the rest of the galaxy. It is a good place to become strong, the Elders say. It is a good place to become hard and sharp, like the weapon you will one day wield.

There is transportation offworld, of course, and protection in the form of orbital shielding (not that anyone would be foolish enough to attack them), but other than that, the everything is stripped down to its essentials, only things made of wood and stone and cloth are used. This is the traditional way. There is another part of the training, too, that will take place elsewhere, but those are for the upper-students, those who have already completed the lau-lou, the old path.

He stands and bows to her, gripping the sword in one hand, and the previously serious expression on her face curves into a smile.
Tags: fic
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