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On shiny new obsessions

So now I'm kind of addicted to Friday Night Lights, and I'm about halfway through the season, and it's such a quality show, even if the subject matter isn't for everyone.

The whole Taylor family is so made of win! Especially Tami! She doesn't let the Coach get away with stuff! And Julie is so adorable with her precociousness!

I am also totally in love with Matt and his totally earnest, decent self. He is totally of the John Sheppard School of Repressing Your Emotions, right down to the distant, military father. He and Julie are ridiculously cute together.

Tyra and Lila! My heart breaks for them. Tyra, because she wants to get out so badly, and she just goes about it in all the wrong ways. Lila, because everything she is has been tied to Jason so long, she doesn't know how to define herself separately from him. And it's so, so damaging for both of them.

I love Jason's story, the ways in which he's learning to discover the bits of himself he didn't know he had, 'cause I love those types of stories.

This show is so good at showing real, understated emotion like you wouldn't believe. It's so hard to find on TV, where it's easier to just have people talk about how sad they are or whatever. Here, they just show you what's going on and trusts the audience to get it.

I also think part of my love of this show is due to my inexplicable love of people yelling loudly and purposefully, which probably explains my fondness for war movies and Rodney McKay.

Anyway, I have NOT gotten any SGA AU ideas that feature John as the new coach of the Pegasus Atlanteans, who is kind of laid back until he has to kick your ass, and kind of develops a crush on the constantly grumpy physics teacher. I have also not determined that Ronon and Teyla are his assistant coaches who are sort of breaking the new guy in (and I totally didn't think about the way the guys on the team make crudely sexual remarks about Ms. Emmagen until she smiles serenely at them and makes them run fifty-bajilion wind sprints). I also did not think about how Elizabeth is the principal of Pegasus High who is really nice and pleasant until you start talking trash about her school or the way Rodney always seems to show up at games and practices, even though he's always complaining about how utterly stupid the sport is, and the way John sometimes wishes he wouldn't (but really doesn't want that to happen) because Rodney's just this gigantic distraction, always talking, and John has a hard time not staring at his mouth.

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