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Ten random facts about the Football AU-verse:

1. The Pegasus mascot is a large, plastic horse with it's front legs reared up. It probably used to be brown and black, but it's been spray-painted white; all of it, even the hooves. There are two white wings made from wire and fake feathers, which were a student art project in 1998, attached to its back. The left one droops a little.

2. Rodney really hates Soul Caliber 2, because it's entirely possible to win just by button-mashing, and then there's no actual skill involved. But John seems to love it (because he prefers to button-mash, the slacker), so Rodney usually just grumbles a lot about how much it sucks and grabs a controller, resigning himself to his misery.

3. Kate Heightmeyer is the guidance counselor at Pegasus High. The week after Ford quits the team, he shows up in her office looking angry and upset and a little regretful. When he leaves, he looks relieved and a little determined. Kate doesn't tell anyone, but she likes to think that it's her finest moment.

4. Rodney's cat is in Canada. His name is Copernicus, because Rodney can admire a man who is capable of telling people what they don't want to hear, and because he likes the hard, crisp sound of the C's. Rodney doesn't bring him to Pegasus, because Madison's allergic. He frequently misses the furball when he just needs something soft and hairy to scratch, but it's less intense when he starts sleeping with John, who makes this soft humming noise when Rodney digs into the back of his head.

5. John once tried to explain to Melanie his theory about how football really is a metaphor for life. She just laughed and kissed his hair. They started arguing a week later.

6. Once, during Homecoming, some big-city corporate type named Helen, who was class of '92, tried to give John some really bad coaching advice, just because she was from the last year to make it to the playoffs. John kind of wanted to punch her in the face.

7. Kavanaugh didn't care much for football when he first started working at the radio station. But then he went to games, talked strategy, analyzed strategy, and then all of a sudden all the stuff he used to think was frivolous mattered.

8. Cadman is in Rodney's AP Physics class. The only reason he hasn't kicked her out for being an obnoxious thorn in his side is because she's one of the few people in that class who's marginally competent. They once got locked into a physics lab together for five hours. Zelenka was the one who finally let them out, but he refuses to talk about it.

9. Dagan's team is called the Friars. They've been nicknamed "The Brotherhood" by the rest of the region, though no one remembers where or how it originated.

10. John also remembers Geldar as the team with the really awesome black uniforms, but he thinks that might be a little too gay, so he pretends he doesn't.

I am also now back at school, ready to kick some ass and train some TAs. Or not.

Also, in fandom news, there's house_bigbang, for which I am a "co-mod", which mostly means I sit around and do nothing while zulu does the heavy lifting. But yes. Long fic! In the House fandom! Fun stuff!
Tags: big pimpin', fic
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