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Birthday was good. I didn't actually have my birthday dinner until tonight because yesterday was full of lots of free food and barbecues and such. Though all of it was quite good, and I am totally going to get fat because of it.

Also, I got both Friday Night Lights and Heroes on DVD, which is happy. Almost a birthday gift to myself. Yay.

Classes start tomorrow, which is crazy-making and insane. WTF. I am now an upperclassmen. I feel like this is wrong, somehow. Also, I have classes in the AB timeslot of doom. My first class tomorrow starts at 8:30AM. Yes, it's a required class.

I have lots of writing to work on, though I've been too busy to get much of it done. There's the ficwriters_anon piece and the coda to Open Your Eyes and the betteronvicodin piece and maybe the ninja!Foreman thing that I totally failed at so much.

I'm really excited about ficwriters_anon, since I've always wanted to see whether or not I actually have a distinctive style, though I probably don't. i totally know what I want to write, too. Just generic enough that I think people won't be able to guess on content alone, and interesting enough that I can put my own spin on it.
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