thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

meme response; other graphics

For caecilia,

This is Lucky. I've had him since I was five.

For hannahrorlove,

Most of my fannish stuff is at home, alas. I forgot to bring my Yoda and Darth Vader bobble heads this year.

There are squirrels outside, occasionally, and there used to be a fish tank, but all I have managed to capture is this bug. Sorry.

For stars_inthe_sky,

Yeah, I don't think this needs much explanation.

For roga,

This was hard, since most things remind me of football AU, but this image more than others.

I live in a city, so yeah, still urban, but this is the view from my window.

For bironic,

Names obscured to protect the innocent. Also, underneath the cat it says, "I eats monsters."

For cyber_commie,

As a bonus, the cover I made for Open Your Eyes while I was bored:

Tags: graphics in the hizzouse, shiny stuff
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