thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Bad crossover ideas and other plotbunnies

I kind of want someone to write a crossover where Freedom's Rodney meets Victors' John, and they have a conversation of some sort, because seriously, I would LOVE to see that.

So house_bigbang is starting up, and now I have to decide on a theme. The frontrunner at the moment is a Mathletes version of zulu's The Oncologist Trap, where Rodney somehow gets roped into the action and makes out with House a lot, and John tags along and sulks because hey, AREN'T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE BROKEN UP OR SOMETHING.

There would also be befuddled!Wilson, adorkable!ducklings, and maybe an incident that pisses off Bob, the janitor.

The runner-up would be actually finishing the hooker!AU. I mostly just need a push to actually plot it out and actually finish it, because I have a beginning, a sort-of middle, and an end. No idea of how long it would really be, but I still want to finish it and such.

There was a third idea, too, but that apparently wasn't memorable enough, because I totally forgot what it was.

In semi-similar news, the official ficwriters_anon discussion post. I have somewhat jumped into the fray already, but I will totally jump in some more after I reread some of the ones that have been posted.
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