thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

you know you've lost it when...

i kind of really want to write an au off of mensa-verse where rod's a drummer in a band, ronon's his bassist, zelenka's on keyboard teyla fronts it, and they need to find a guitarist. enter sheppard. he's arrogant and distant and a bit uptight, but he can play like no else.

and maybe, with a little help, he can learn to loosen up a bit.

um. yeah.

okay, i think the stress from this past week is getting to me. i feel not-on-top-of-things this semester. i suspect this may be because i'm stupid.

so fanarchive is going to be written with ruby on rails. which means i need to teach myself yet another syntax. blech.

i want to see american gangster tomorrow, but there's apparently a tropical storm coming through. yay.
Tags: goddamn plot bunnies, omg woes, the mundanity of everyday existance, the weather
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