thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

True Confessions

1. I used to read Sweet Valley books. Not just the High ones, either. The University ones, too.
2. I am sad that no one has, as of yet, tried to find one of my fics on sgastoryfinders.
3. I am also sad that no one has talked to me about the worst case runtime of quicksort in the comments of Penis Envy....
4. I judge the people who post secrets to fandomsecrets.
5. Sometimes, I have the urge to read trashy, over-the-top fanfic. SGA has been horrible to be by providing me with lots and lots of it.
6. I have not actually completed my yuletide reading.
7. I still want to write a Mensa-verse band AU, because I love the idea of Rod being a scruffy, laid-back drummer who's an asshole on the inside.
8. For some reason, I can't actually learn Ruby through some inability to actually read through reference materials. It's a little weird.
9. I have an incredibly boring life, and I like it that way.
Tags: i make lists, randomness
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