thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Random Pet Peeve of the Day

Stories where one half of a couple dies and then the other half (a) kills themselves or (b) ceases to function. And then have this be treated as "romantic".

Seriously, even beyond the realism issue (which isn't all that important anyway), that's one really depressing view of human relationships.

Also, 新年快樂! (Yeah, shut up, I stole that from the Wikipedia page, but I can read it, so maybe that counts for something.) My parents sent me the traditional red envelope with cash moneys along with a letter. It made me happy this morning.

So Super Tuesday was kind of interesting on campus. There was definitely a lot of interest on campus, which, I think, means that our generation is less apathetic and more cynical. We're really fucking cynical.
Tags: pet peeves, the mundanity of everyday existance
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