thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

TDP-'03-'04: a retrospective

A look back at adolescent foibles. An epic told in many parts. All of which are Beatles RPF.

Part I
: In which our heroine makes her entrance.

Part II
: In which our heroine experiments with dialogue-only stories and bad titles.

Part III: In which our heroine discovers second person and metaphors.

Part IV
: In which our heroine attempts to be deeper than she is.

Part V
: In which our heroine fails at Open Office and reveals a penchant for anthropomorphized cities.

Part VI
: In which our heroine writes some more about cities.

Part VII: In which our heroine demonstrates her mastery of the strikethrough tag.

: In which our heroine writes her first AUs.

Part IX:
In which our heroine makes her first attempt to use weather as a metaphor.

Part X
: In which our heroine wonders "What if John Lennon came back to life during the global warming apocalypse?"

Notes: These are in chronological order, and they're all pretty short. Even though a lot of these are mediocre at best, I'm still kind of proud of that last one.

Whew, that was cathartic.
Tags: why am i such a loser?, writing
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