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in which parrot metas on narrative kinks and squicks and the Swedish conspiracy

The Swedish Conspiracy

hint: read the source

So seperis wrote meta about romance tropes in fanfic and it's well thought out and interesting and such, but I got halfway through before realizing something.

I really, really hate most of the tropes she's talking about. Like, deep down visceral loathing for them. I'm talking


levels here. (Soulbonds? Really?)

And after reading the comments, for the first time, I realized that other people might feel differently.

Okay, so maybe this should have been obvious from the way both stories are pretty recced around fandom, and obviously, the authors themselves liked those particular tropes or else they wouldn't have written them. But it really hadn't ever occurred to me. You know, the way you read reviews for badly misspelled songfic in the Pit and you go, that one? Really?

So I've done some reevaluating of some of my more *cough* strongly held fandom opinions about people's tastes, and I think some of the stuff that was mentally labeled 'omgcrap' has now been moved to the 'your kink is really not my kink' section.

Which I think is good for my blood pressure.

(Also, I totally had a moment where I wondered whether I was being complicit with The Man for hating on these things. But no, I'm pretty sure the hating's all me.)
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