thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

So, um, stuff.

1. I got roped into my first D&D game ever. I suck at roleplaying, I have discovered. Also, character creation.

2. Loved the ep. Loved this Earth, because it brings up awesome issues about humanity and self-destruction. It was the best Earth they could have found, and that makes me happy. I am still irritated by the episodes and episodes of middle, and the continued dicking around about the last cylon. Hopefully, that will change next season.

3. Saw The Incredible Hulk, enjoyed it, but I felt like there wasn't enough characterization to hook me. I will also admit that I did like the Ang Lee version as well, so.

4. I've been reading a lot, lately. Yay, libraries. I like libraries a lot.

5. Have also gotten sucked into what may be known in some circles as "Doctor Who fic," but what I know as, "stories about Martha Jones being awesome." Recs are welcome.

6. Speaking of which, anyone up for a quick beta of a 600~ word ficlet about um, the Doctor and Martha? It's slice-of-life-ish.

7. I am playing Twilight Princess again. Also addicted to it again. At least I'm close to the end, so I'll maybe get my life back soon. (Sky Temple, w00t w00t!)
Tags: bsg, doctor who?, fandom, movies

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