thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Sooooo, I finally saw the season finale of Doctor Who.

- I was initially gleeful right up until the end, when I flipped out and started yelling at the screen.
- I'm kind of better, now. I've read other reactions and come to terms with some of RTD's decisions.
- That doesn't mean I'm not writing a post-Journey's End Donna/Martha fix-it fic.
- It also means I have to convince myself that giving Rose the not!Doctor was supposed to be creepy and uncool.
- Still, I think for the most part, I loved how this finale let all the companions shine.
- And oh, Donna, you really were so magnificent in the end. I was angry about what happened to you, but you were still amazing.
- Oh, yeah. More Martha and Mickey on Torchwood would be fantastic. Seriously.
Tags: doctor who?
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