thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

State of the Parrot

1. So I haven't been posting much as I've been incredibly busy and stressed lately. I also haven't been catching up on House or SGA right now, which is kind of sad. :(

2. However, I have been compulsively reading up on politics, like stalking FiveThirtyEight and reading feminist/political blogs every day. Seriously. It's been stressing me out more, which is probably not good for anyone. Plz stop with the racebaiting. ppl. srsly. It's making me nauseous.

3. Also! I've been watching From The Earth To The Moon, which is just so, so heartwarming and awesome. Space! And astronauts! And I just realized that it's ten years old now, but it still feels fresh and new. Yay. I am tempted to buy the DVDs from Amazon.

4. So, I've been reading the flist, but I still want to know, what's been making you guys happy lately? Anything, really. Big or small. I, personally, learned more about regular expressions yesterday. Yay.
Tags: i make lists, state of the parrot

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