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I am just full of deep thoughts lately

1. I head back to school tomorrow, and I'm kind of ambivalent about it, which is probably bad. I don't know. I'm not cut out for this 'real life' bullshit.

2. As for the last episode of SGA, I am firmly of the belief that they fly the city right back using the wormhole drive, and John thinks it's the COOLEST THING EVER and has a big(ger) crush on Rodney's brain.

I'm not that sad about it, really. SGA is dead. Long live SGA*.

* fandom, of course.

3. I have plotted out the scenes for the heist and started writing them out, though I can already tell that this will probably take a while. Anyway, enjoy this bit of fic:


"So who are we going to get?" Rodney says, his fingers scratching his chin.

They're in the back, in Rodney's office as John lays out the plan. "Teyla, Ronon," John starts, kicking his feet up onto Rodney's desk.

Rodney nods along. "Of course."

John continues. "The Czech--"

"With the hair?"

"Yeah. Was thinking maybe that guy from the job we pulled with Caldwell--"

"Right. Good with the--" Rodney snaps his fingers a few times, trying to recall the name.

"Carson? Heard he's back in the States."

"Yeah, worked with Fraser's crew for a bit a few months ago. Is it me or is she terrifying? I only met her once but--"

"Explosives?" John asks, cutting off the tirade.

"Oh, hmm. O'Neill knows a couple good people. Jackson keeps tabs on everyone these days. Which is kind of creepy, now that I--"

"Jackson? I heard he died a few years back."

Rodney snorts. "No. That was just a rumor."

There's a pause, and John pulls his feet off the desk. "With Elizabeth--"

"You're sure she's in?" Rodney says, frowning.

"She's in. That makes--"

"You're sure, right? Like, sure in you've-already-talked-to-her-and-she's-said-she's-in-sure, right?"


"You have spoken to her about your harebrained scheme at least?"

John grins. "It'll be fine, Rodney. Don't worry about it."

Rodney groans miserably and covers his eyes with his hands. "Why am I doing this to myself?"

John gives him a friendly punch in the arm. "It's because you love me," he says.


Okay, so I'm considering first cleaning up the first section of the fic and posting that as part of WIP. Obviously, this has some benefits and some drawbacks.

On one hand polishing and posting section will give me a break from the fic-writing and also some real, tangible feedback to bask in as well as actual pressure to finish it without sort of just giving up which I have been tempted to do on and off for a while.

On the other, I know for a fact that I won't be able to give my full attention to fixing up this section, because half my brain will still be in writing mode, and I know that I won't go back and fix things later because once something's posted, it tends to be 'done' in my mind as well. So it won't be as good as it could be.

I dunno. I just keep going back and forth on that.

4. In other news, all my fic has been posted to AOOO. All, um, 99 stories I'm willing to admit I've written.

5. I don't think I'll ever get over just how much I adore The Sandman. Ever.

6. New BSG is coming, and while I will attempt to enjoy it, I fear that it will repeat all of the crappiness of 4.0. Just as long as they stop pretending that dangling the final cylon in front of us is a substitute for compelling plot, then I will survive. (It seems as though there will be more Zarek, this time around. I can't wait to watch him stir shit up.)
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