thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

BSG 4.5.2

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Like, a lot.

- Felix is totally turning into Tigh for plot-related reasons. If this show actually cared about its characters, I'd probably be annoyed at how rushed that felt, even with their best efforts. Also, if Gaeta doesn't kiss another dude on national television, I will roll my eyes at how few balls BSG has. Sure, lesbians are fine, but bi people? Bisexual dudes? That's totally unacceptable.
- I laughed for like 5 minutes straight when Hot Dog was revealed as the real father. I guess that's a decent dodge for the whole 'why doesn't anyone give a shit about the other hybrid?' thing.
- Lee just does not have the political savvy of Roslin, lolz.
- I kind of wish Roslin had more to do that didn't involve her relationship with Adama. I would kill to see her and Zarek go at it again like the terrifying politicians they are.
- And of course, ZAREK. He's so much fun when he's stirring shit like this. And also, I like how this isn't just a simple power grab, because Zarek as a villain is so deliciously complex. I think he genuinely believes he's working in the Fleet's best interest, and Gaeta does too. The leg thing sort of pays off now, I guess, which is nice.
- I really hope this storyline sticks around, but it looks like it might be cut off before it can get really interesting in the next ep. Oh, well.
Tags: bsg
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