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Female Character Recs!

I've been planning to do this for halfamoon for a while, but I keep on failing somehow. But yes, female character recs! A mix of gen and het focus on female characters. This is hardly a complete listing of all the stories about female characters I have loved, but here are few that have stuck with me over the years.

The 'Martha Jones Kicks So Much Ass' Section
A Place Called Home by sheldrake - Martha Jones in 1913. It's about songs and about living and about finding where you are and where you're going. The writing is also incredibly vivid.
An Anatomy of the Impossible by _plentyofpaper- This is an origin story, and I like origin stories. I love how it captures Martha's wonder and joy and curiosity in such a small space.
Valentine's Day, This Year by koshiroryuu - On the other side of the equation, wonderfully appropriate. This is Martha Jones remembering the Year That Never Was and finding her own peace with it. There's such a wonderful thread of hope, here.

The Yuletide-in' Section
What Is And What Seems To Be by Lesserstorm (Arthurian Legend) - Guinevere can never catch a break in retellings of the Arthur story. Never. I think this my favorite version. She's smart and kickass and sharp, and no one else has to play the idiot, either.
Number These Excess Days by ep shlan (Carnivale) - This captures the feel of the show very well, and I love how it gets in Sofie's head and lives there for a while, even though that can't be comfortable at all. It brings Sofie alive in a way the show didn't.
Certain Dark Things by Jae W. (Bourne Series) - The Bourne series is obviously about Jason Bourne, but this is about Marie and how she deals with what she's done between Identity and Supremacy. The writing is so elegant and so beautiful.
Commonplaces by astolat (Sherlock Holmes) - Irene Adler was always an interesting character, but she never felt real to me. Here, she is real, more real than Doyle could have ever written her.

The Everything Else Section
All The Things by Kat1 (Alias) - I think this is a story that opened my eyes the first time I read it, because something about it hit me in the gut. It's a rebuilding story, about taking yourself apart and putting yourself back together again.
You Bet Your Life by sophia_helix (The Office) - So this is a futurefic about Jim and Pam. It's about becoming different people, and it's also about finding a place for yourself, about shaking off the inertia of everyday life and making something different out of your future.
as heroes are by eudaimon (House) - I like fanfic because it can flesh out minor/flat characters (and a disproportionate number of those minor/flat characters are female). This is an example of taking one of the patients of the week and breathing life into her, giving her a future and a voice. It's very lovely.
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