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So, Kings

I will admit upfront that being raised by heathen parents and then becoming an atheist means that I never really read the Bible.

But I did watch the show with people who did know the Bible well, so that did color things.

- I found David dull. Really dull. Dully with dull on top. Which is weird, because I am a complete sucker for earnest, overly noble types. It just felt bland when it came to him. Also, the actor couldn't sell the speech at the end, so we all talked over it to spare ourselves the pain. I know he's supposed to turn into an asshole later, but can it be sooner? Rather than later?

- Michelle was disappointingly (but unsurprisingly) just as generic as David. And so is their relationship. Blech.

- I found Jack really interesting. I would have loved it if the show was centered around him entirely. And really, I am really kind of getting sick of straight, white, male main characters. Centering the story around Jack's POV would actually work better, I think. It would mean we'd spend less time hanging around David. His characterization is also kind of uncomfortable, because he seems to be playing into really unfortunate ideas about gay guys (like, they're not manly enough, etc).

- Ian McShane was awesome, unsurprisingly. He could sell the cheese quite nicely. Which is important. He owned most of the scenes he was in.

- I liked Samuels, though I was rolling my eyes at the Magical Negrofication YET AGAIN. I was somewhat impressed that they had Wes Studi be something other than The Native American Dude, but considering how white the council was, it was still bad.

- Okay, so one think I noticed was the really, really liberal bent, like they were trying to appeal to both sides and it just came off as awkward. Like, the weird spiel about the egg and evolution and the line "the way God made you." And how Silas is punished for not signing the peace treaty. I don't know how I feel about it, really. It feels like they're prettying it up (which they were doing anyway), and I'm of two minds on whether or not it works or is just annoying.

-Admit it. You thought the crown of butterflies was stupid, too.

I do think it's a show with good fanfic potential. So, maybe I'll stick around for the fic. Maybe.
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