thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

strongly worded reaction post to BSG finale

If you don't want someone harshing your squee, don't click.

Dear BSG,

You know what? I'd already given up on you, so I was mostly looking forward to being put out of my misery, and while a lot of the emotion in the finale hit the right notes (kudos to the actors for that), I just have to say: FUCK YOU.

Fuck you for turning your show into Who Will Be The Last POC Standing? (Adama and Athena are king and queen of this rodeo, I guess).

Fuck you for your scary black men becoming scarier.

Fuck you for your scary black men in the first place.

Fuck you for that weird bullshit with Africa.

Fuck you for making me watch a white man strangle a brown woman and expecting me to cheer for him.

Fuck you for asking us to forget that Chief beat Cally half to death for waking him up, but always, always asking us to remember that Boomer shot Adama under Cylon programming.

Fuck you for not giving Tory half the backstory, depth, sympathy or character of the other Final Five Cylons (even Ellen).

Fuck you for reminding women of color that they are dispensable plot devices to be used and discarded for the sake of men's stories and pain.

Fuck you for not realizing that tackling metaphorical racism while engaging in actual racism is a bullshit move.

Fuck you for making Cylon-hatred a metaphor for racism, and in doing so, comparing POC to genocidal robots.

Fuck you for killing off all the Sagittarons we know of on the show (because they were evil or for stupid emo/plot-device reasons).

Fuck you for that crappy 'All We Need Is A Honky' bullshit episode with Helo saving Sagittarons in the third season.

Fuck you for sucking at metaphorical anti-racism, too.

Fuck you for not mentioning once that Hoshi or Gaeta might be anything but Straighty McStraighterson in the actual show, because yes, it fucking matters.

Fuck you for killing off 3/4 of your queer characters.

Fuck you for killing them off because their thoughts and attitudes were abnormal, for making them crazy and/or misguided.

Fuck you for your gigantic 'Adama can do no wrong' blindspot and the way you punish characters who don't come around to agreeing with him.

Fuck you for stripping Roslin of her agency over the past season.

Fuck you for making Adama/Roslin Roslin's only plotline besides dying.

Fuck you for making her a nurse while Adama is brokering deals with Cylons.

Fuck you for being unable to handle female power.

Fuck you for ever making me think you'd handle these issues with any sort of decency.

Fuck you for hurting me.

Fuck you.


I was thinking of maybe writing a closing story for BSG/House-verse after the finale, just to tie things up. But you know what? I don't think so.
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