thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Kings 1x03: Prosperity

- Okay, so I enjoyed this ep, mostly. It had some really good moments, some meh moments, and some omgdeargod moments.

- Seriously, shopping, Jack? I do appreciate that he has the loyalty of his men and all, but I felt like I'd ended up in an episode of Gossip Girl or something. Jack is very pretty while shit-stirring, though.

- David occasionally shows signs of personality, but they are few and far between. Let's hope the next ep improves that. I get the feeling he's the sort of character John Sheppard would be without Joe Flanigan's facial expressions.

- One of my friends has coined the term

To make difficult dialogue palatable.
Ex: "Wow, he really mcshaned the hell out of that last scene with the Premier."

- I do wonder WTF Michelle's vow is. Is it something that can make her interesting or is it just really stupid? We shall see.

- I thought the birds had a nice set up and a very sweet-ass payoff. That final scene was very lovely, especially in HD. Mmmmmm.

- David putting a TV on top of his piano made my friend and I cringe. AND THEN HE PLAYED WITH IT THERE. :O

- roga went over the similarities with the Israel/Palestine peace talks, which totally went over my head while watching, because I am an idiot.

Oh, fuck. I need a Kings icon now, don't I?
Tags: kings, tv
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