thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Kings 1x03: First Night

My initial reaction: PURE UNADULTERED GLEE.

- This episode was greatly improved by the fact that David had nothing to do besides be (a) pretty and (b) stupid. This was accomplished quite admirably.

- JACK. OMGJACK. Okay, you are a total prat, but you angst pretty and are completely fucked in the head. Stop treating your boyfriend like shit because you want into David's pants.

- I was sort of worried about how this episode would fuck with my internal conception of Jack's character, but all it did was give me more interesting avenues to explore and delve into. Can we make this entire show the 'Jack parties and beats the crap out of people' show? Please?

- I did not give Sebastian Stan enough credit before, but he was working hard in this ep. His facial expressions! Subtle and layered, though he's still not quite capable of mcshaning with the best of them. He's still choking a bit on the awkward dialogue.

- Oh, Michelle. I want to like you, but really, you are badly written, and your actress is not good enough to make up for that.

- Queen Rose is winning me over, like a lot. I like her awareness and vision. And her badassery.

- Least secret illegitimate child ever: y/y? I wish I cared more.

- Ian McShane was being typically awesome. Was good. This show really does not deserve him.

- Anyway, plz bring on the dysfunctional Jack/David porn. Yesssssss.
Tags: kings
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