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More Avatar thoughts

SO, I finished the entire series after mainlining the last two seasons. It was still awesome but hmmm, yeah. Thoughts:

- I'm displeased with the ending. There was too much unresolved, and it felt so rushed. What happened to Zuko's mom? Will Aang rebuild the Air Nomads? How? I was displeased with Aang's recovery of the Avatar State by falling on a rock. I also disliked how some of the ending badassery with the White Lotus was not built very well.

- TOPH. So awesome, though I'm upset she didn't get more to do towards the end. It was such a waste for her to be on AIRSHIPS. WAT.

- Zuko's arc was good, and he was 100% more entertaining when he was no longer conflicted and evil. He doesn't know how to talk to people! He's awkward! I thought his emo began to eat up way too much time in season 2, though.

- Iroh wins at everything, yes.

- I'm torn on Azula, who I thought was interesting, but fell too much in line with "Power makes the womens cRaZY!" stuff. Though her mod squad was cool-ish.

- I am pretending Aang had no romantic arc. My brain rests easier that way.

- I want more mythology, dammit. More backstory. More bending philosophy. More *world*. Hmpf.
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