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Personal Guidelines for Studying

Because at the moment I'm feeling depressed for being a very unmotivated person, I've decided to write up some personal guidlines for studying now and for the school year.

For my subjects (Java, SAT Chemistry, Chinese), I will spend one hour a piece on them. During this time, no internet will be allowed. All of these must be completed before Dad gets home (BFDGH) at approximately 6 PM. Two subjects must be completed before lunch time. There will be no limit on how long the breaks in between can be, just as long as the above get accomplished. Any infractions past the first day will be penalized with more work the next day unless under extenuating circumstances (Dad gets home early, etc).
EDIT: Chinese may take less time and be completed with Dad. There only needs to be one subject completed before lunch.

Music is not optional. This may or may not be accomplished BDGH. I will keep a log of what I have done during the day.

I will complete my homework before I even think about the computer. Long term projects will be alloted 30 min. a day unless more time is needed/available. All work if possible should be completed BDGH. If not, a 30 min. break on the computer will be allowed. The time limit will be strictly enforced. If all other owrk is completed, a break without time limits can be taken. Any infractions will be penalized with mandatory music practice and/or longer time on long term projects without any breaks.

Music practice is optional, but suggested.

More stuff will be added via edits if need be.
That actually made me feel better. I hope it works.

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