thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Why yes, I am a little obsessed

Things I have watched lately:

1. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - I loved this quite a bit. It did have much more of a TNG than a TOS feel, and I did have a hard time watching Kim Cattrall without going "omg it's Kim Cattrall!" But it was sweetly earnest and hopeful! And the Shakespeare quotes became too much by the end, but I did love the way the title tied into the themes of the movie. And the last line! Gaaaaah, so much love. *draws little hearts around everyone*

2. Star Trek I: The Motion Picture - oh, god. The uniforms suuuucked. And while the long shots of fake!space were quite heartwarming at times, I stopped paying attention halfway through in favor of typing up TOS fic (which just needs to be edited a bit more before I can post it!), but the Kirk/Spock emoporn was as emoporny as I was lead to believe. Also, Shatner looked like the missing link between young!Shatner and old!Shatner, which are two completely distinct entities in my head. It was very disconcerting. And I found Nimoy's hair extensions on Vulcan HILARIOUS.
Tags: movies, star trek
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