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Odds and Ends (in order of decreasing importance)


The Iranian election fallout is just sort of insane and amazing and I don't even know. I am inclined to believe that it was rigged, but I think that's sort of a less-important issue than the way the government has been reacting to the dissent and protesting, as well as the eventual outcome of this much anger. I have to say, the bravery of the protesters is awe-inspiring, and the tweets have been giving me chills.

The revolution will be posted on the internet, indeed.


This open letter to Pixar made me sob a little. I'm going to see Up tomorrow, and I'm sure I'm going to love it, but at the same time, I remember how much it meant to me, growing up, to see spunky girls in my movies and on my television. Yeah, just go read it.


Kings this week, I don't know. This show is remarkably uneven for me. I will say that I was surprised and pleased that Michelle annoyed me far less than Jack this week, but I wish that they'd make Jack a lot less incompetent in general.


Python is still my favorite.


So I did some martial arts training for the first time in like two years yesterday, and now my body is punishing me. Ow. Ow all over.


I need to start reading more books this summer. I have like, three that are just sitting on my shelf, and I have a library full of awesome that I would want to use. At some point.


Wrote Forgetful a Doctor Who Rose/Martha porn battle ficlet. Kinda a rush job, but there it is.
Tags: feminisim, kings, politics
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