thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

some beta appreciation in the whenever

So, I just want to say that I really like being able to write out a first draft by hand and then type it up, but for longer stories, it gets really stressful because I can't make anyone read it when I get halfway through and going crazy and need someone to tell me that no, it's not complete crap.

So yes, betas are important! Not just for removing all those unnecessary commas, but for managing all those writerly breakdowns when you get to the third page of your 'Spock Prime is everyone's gay uncle!'* crackfic and start a second-guessing downward spiral regarding whether or not all that fecal humor was really necessary. I think this is a greatly under-appreciated aspect of the beta process, and we should really talk about how important it is to just have someone there at every stage of the writing process. So that you can bounce ideas off someone! So that someone's there to remind you that you shouldn't bother worrying about how crappy it is yet! So that you can give people random word-count updates and cheer you on!

Every one of you who has been there for me at some point, thank you. So much. You guys rock.

* Additionally, I think this story is the greatest idea ever, and if it has been written, someone should give me a link right now.
Tags: writing
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