thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Woohoo! It's remix season again!

Holy crap, you guys. I got two remixes this year.

No Longer All Right (Storm and Stress Overdub) - which is a cool remix of It's All Right. It takes a line from the original and fleshes it out into a story in its own right. It also mixes in some of the stuff from the original in really neat ways.

What We've Become (The Mt. Saint Helens Remix) - which is a remix of What We've Become. It takes up Martha's POV of the events, but it's so much more than just a POV-switch of the original. A lot more. I'm still kind of stunned at what someone made out of this dinky little story I wrote once.

People should go read them! As well as all the other stories at remixredux09!

I guess I'll offer drabbles to people who can guess which story I wrote. Hint: It's really very easy. Comments will be screened.
Tags: remix
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