thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

This shouldn't surprise me as much as it does

Okay, so I watched the pilot for Glee, because it looked quirky and fun. (Yay, musicals!) And it is.


But here's the thing, the make up of the glee club looks like this:

1 Asian chick (probably straight)
1 black chick (probably straight)
1 white gay dude
1 white dude in a wheelchair (probably straight)
1 white straight chick
1 white straight dude
1 white straight dude teacher/coach

Guess which three characters get the most story time, backstory, and characterization devoted to them? Guess which two students get the solos and are the 'best' (allegedly) members of the club with leadership roles? I bet it'll come as a real surprise!

Yeah, no. I'm still trying to put my finger on exactly what pissed me off so much about this, since so much of this is not new and not shocking, but I think it's the way this show is set up. Most shows start off with the privileged people already in indispensable positions, usually over other privileged people as well. But here the whole plot revolves around how this group of 'freaks' is formed and how they need the white, straight, and able-bodied to, I don't know, be awesome and lead them to victory or else they just suck. It's just so blatant and literal. Most shows at least attempt to hide this shit.

I'm so sick of this, you guys. I shouldn't be impressed with Hustle, just because Mickey gets to be the leader of their gang, just because the show doesn't shunt him off to the side to let the white people do the important work. I shouldn't have to sit through another show about how hard life is for attractive, athletic white dudes. I shouldn't have to compare this to Star Trek TOS and say, at least we're kinda okay with gay and disabled characters these days?

As long as they prop up the white, straight, able-bodied characters by literally playing backup singers, of course.

And here I didn't even touch on the fairly-disgusting stereotyping that goes on in the name of 'humor.' FAIL, GLEE. FAIL.
Tags: isms, television
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