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Ironically, not sure if this icon actually is appropriate

So, I keep peeking into tos_rewatch, because I like episode discussion, and I've been on a mission to get the most out of my shiny, new DVDs as possible.

But yeah, every time I do so, I start getting an eyetwitch and many, many reminders that NO, THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE FOR ME. This is not a criticism of the mod, really, because she has never claimed that the community is supposed to be a safe space, which is fair enough.

It's just, ARGH. Can we not claim that TOS is above reproach for its presentation of women, even if it was downright progressive for the 60's?

Can we not say that Kirk treats women well, just because he doesn't always sleep with the women of the week? (Because he sure as hell spends a lot of time kissing them and leaving them behind, not to mention seducing them for information.)

Can we not link to essays that contain every I'm A Nice White Person fallacy in existence regarding Kirk's supposed lack of prejudice against Klingons? (Hint: Just because a group of Klingons killed Kirk's son, Kirk does not get a free pass to hate all Klingons. You can search and replace any minority group for Klingons there to see what I mean.)

Can we not say that Charlie of "Charlie X" is somehow "not evil, just destructive" and how he's "just like a lot of teenage boys," because his behavior is (a) NOT OKAY and (b) the fact that his behavior is a lot like other teenage boys says a lot more about how teenage boys treat women than it says about Charlie in particular. And if you don't think men's belief that they are entitled to women's bodies is not as prevalent as I am making it out to be, go read the comments on

Can we not call feminist criticism of episodes a "knee-jerk genderfail reaction"? Or else my knee might need to jerk in other directions, ifyouknowhatImean.

Seriously, you guys, and these are the threads that I have the guts to actually read.

Fandom, why you got to hurt me so?
Tags: failcakes, fandom, feminisim
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