thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

DRABBLERAMA: Parrot's Goddamn Birthday Edition

So, yes. It's my birthday, and despite a bad start, it has muchly improved by good food and good company. But still, my days are always made brighter with more fic.

So yes, a lot of you know how this goes, especially if you follow [info - personal] zulu's journal, but here's the rules:

1. If you write me a few words/sentence/drabble/ficlet about Spock Prime being awesome (in TOS or Reboot or wherever the hell else you want to put him. Crossovers welcome.)

2. And post it in the comments here.

3. I will write a ficlet of the same length or greater based on a prompt of your choosing.

I am pretty flexible on slash/gen/het. Obv, I favor Kirk/Spock a teensy bit, but really, anything goes.

a list of things that I like that may help inspire you:
- funny hats
- Spock's rocket boots from Star Trek V
- lightsaber battles
- robots
- random Shakespeare quotes
- the TARDIS
- cookies
- Kirk's sadface
- cool aliens
Tags: drabblerama
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